Poem read for Alexander on February 6th, 1999
at his burial site

To our son, Alexander

Words are not enough for us to tell you what you mean to us
To your mommy and your daddy
You are passion for life
You are sunshine
You are joy
You are love
You make our lives beautiful and complete
You are your daddy's best friend in the world
You are your mommy's best protector in the world
Without you now our lives are dark, empty and hopeless
Who's going to sing with us?
Who's going to dance with us?
Who's going to laugh with us?
Who's going to travel with us?
Who's going to take care of us when we are old?
Where are you my love, mon amour, mon ninouche, my life?
Youngster, jonge, kiddo and of course wiseguy
And what happens to wiseguy?
We have to get wiseguy!
We need you desperately
We need you my love

Je t'aime mon amour, your mommy
I love you kiddo, your daddy



© Raphaele and Michael Horwin, 1999 - 2002